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Did I Not Heal Ten of You? by Austin Rahill

Posted by mary blinkhorn on 10/21/13

Greeting from Campus Ministry!!!In the Catholic Church there exists a stratification of people who are passionate, loyal, invested, determined, spiritual and accountable. On the other hand there exists a major population of [c]atholics who by name only are: disconnected, anti-authority, non-compliant towards the Magisterium, pro-choice, pro-sodomy, worldly, popular and ... Read More »

The Heavenly Father! by Austin Rahill

Posted by mary blinkhorn on 10/17/13

Greetings from Campus Ministry!!!


From human life, to the smallest flower, to the tiniest insect, to the very breath we breathe, there is someone who is present. God the Father is the: “Master, Origin of all things, Eternal, Grand Architect of the Universe, Transcendent Father who lives in ... Read More »

I Drive a $90,000 Cadillac! by Austin Rahill

Posted by mary blinkhorn on 10/03/13

Greetings from Campus Ministry!!!In college, I went out to eat with some friends one night, and the waitress there knew us fairly well. After we ate, the waitress started to ask questions about the Catholic Church because she knew we were all seminarians. I can remember her hesitancy all ... Read More »

Rage Against God's Machine! by Austin Rahill

Posted by mary blinkhorn on 9/26/13

Greetings from Campus Ministry!!!The intellectual and spiritual rot in the Church is at an all-time high in our 2000 years a One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. Inside and outside of the Church, people are falling away in record number for one simple reason: people do not know who ... Read More »

The Church Militant! by Austin Rahill

Posted by mary blinkhorn on 9/17/13

Greetings from Campus Ministry!!!In Catholicism we have three Churches: the Church Militant (Ecclesia Militans), the Church Suffering (Ecclesia Penitens), and the Church Triumphant (Ecclesia Triumphans). All three Churches exist on an existential plane involving Heaven, Earth and under the Earth, and we start to see that God has everything ... Read More »

Social Justice! by Austin Rahill

Posted by mary blinkhorn on 9/11/13

Greetings from Campus Ministry!!!Social Justice has to begin in the womb. Otherwise, it is just a gathering of like-minded individuals who have no context of TRUTH. If I cannot start with my little brother and sister in the womb, then what’s the point? What’s my agenda? Where do I ... Read More »

Are You Kidding Me? by Austin Rahill

Posted by mary blinkhorn on 9/06/13

Greetings from Campus Ministry!!!Obama was in a press conference last week and suggested that we start with sex education in “Kindergarten.” What a great idea!! I can think of nothing more than teaching processed Satanism to un-suspecting children before the age of reason!  Our fearless leader is pro-homosexual unions, ... Read More »

Master of Puppets! by Austin Rahill

Posted by mary blinkhorn on 8/29/13

Greetings from Campus Ministry!!!You SCREAMED “No!” You divorced God. You started division. You founded sin. You destroyed truth. You spoke for us. You funded every war. You destroyed the notion of sin. You founded evil. You destroyed our entrance into Heaven. You made us believe!!! Satan, you are no ... Read More »

Mortal Combat! by Austin Rahill

Posted by mary blinkhorn on 8/23/13

Greetings from Campus Ministry!!!

The most important event to hit this entire world since Creation, is the Salvific Crucifixion of Our Lord for our Salvation. Jesus and His Blessed Mother went through this from start to finish. Together they served each other out of unparalleled love never seen since ... Read More »

Doing what God wills is the whole of the law! by Austin Rahill

Posted by mary blinkhorn on 8/19/13

 Greetings from Campus Ministry!!!   God is a passionate artist who creates, loves, and gifts every single one of His created beings. You could not comprehend in 1000 lifetimes His passions for you and what He has for you on this earth and beyond. It is His compassion for ... Read More »