Gifts In Kind

Gifts in Kind


The Way We Live Our Lives ….

…. After We Say We Believe


Do You Have Skills That Would Be Useful To The Church?

 The Parish has a need for support in the following areas:


 •  Engineering (Electrical, Structural, Mechanical, Civil)


  •  Building  Service, Inspection and Maintenance (Electrical,

  •  Plumbing, Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Roofing,

  • Gutters, Downspouts, Appliances, Elevator)


 •  Cleaning (Carpet, Windows, Janitorial, Painting)


 •  Grounds (Landscape, Lawn, Snow, Trees & Shrubs, Paving)


 •  Office Supplies (Copiers, Printers, Paper Products)


 •  Construction Services (Carpentry, Glass, Repair)


 •  Technology (Hardware, Software, Phone, Video & Security)


 •  Signage (Indoor/Outdoor)


 •  Providers (Carpet, Paper Products, Print, Paint, Maintenance)


The above offers alternate ways to support the parish by giving Gifts-In-Kind.  In trying economic times, it is sometimes difficult to offer monetary contributions, which in turn makes it challenging for the parish so meet its budget.  This provides an opportunity for both parishioners and the parish to benefits from the talents God has given you.