Planned Giving

Planned Giving


The Way We Live Our Lives ….

…. After We Say We Believe


legacy emblemThe Legacy Society recognizes individuals who have included St. Margaret Mary in their estate plans, and to do so during their lifetimes. It is intended to show appreciation to the donors for their generosity and to honor all who are “giving back to the future” through a planned gift. 
Unlike a donation made by writing a check from current income, planned gifts are made from assets accumulated during one’s life.  Usually these gifts are part of an overall estate plan. Planned gifts are typically made through a will, a gift of property (such as real estate), a life insurance policy (enabling a large gift with very little cost), or a charitable trust.     
Anyone can become a member of the Legacy by including St. Margaret Mary in their estate plan. 
Planned giving allows you to:
  • Support your parish’s mission.
  • Express love and gratitude to your parish or school.
  • Ensure that your parish & school will continue to thrive.
  • Decrease taxes on your income or estate.
  • Satisfy an intrinsic need to give back.


When St. Margaret Mary receives a planned gift, the proceeds will be deposited as the donor indicates.  Likely choices are: (CLICK HERE)
  • The Ethel Dix Fund, The Educational Trust Fund, The Endowment Fund   To The School, Or To General Operations.
  • Through your gift, you will have the opportunity to keep the flame of stewardship burning.  Your seed, planted in good soil, will grow and provide a bountiful harvest for the family of St. Margaret Mary Parish.


If you would like to receive additional information about planned giving, CLICK HERE.