School Advisory Board

The primary concern of the St. Margaret-Mary School Advisory Board is the intellectual and spiritual development of the students through Christian education and formation in accordance with the teaching mission of the Catholic Church.

Duties of the Advisory board include:

  • Strategic Planning-The function of the board is to direct the educational activities of the parish school.  The board, with the approval of the pastor, administrator, and parish council will set goals and objectives for the school.
  • Policy-making-The goals and objectives of the parish school will be carried out by the formation of policies.  The board does not implement policy but instead writes a guide to action.
  • Finance/Budget-The school advisory board, with input from the administrator, submits a budget to the parish council.  This budget is based on the priorities and goals set for the educational operation of the school.
  • Advancement-The board will establish long-range goals that address advancement, recruitment, and public relation activites of the school.
  • Evaluation-The board should receive periodic reports of the administrator’s evaluation of educational programs and future needs.  Likewise, the board should evaluate its own performance in meeting set goals and objectives. 
  • Hiring of an Administrator-The board will assist in the hiring of administration. The final decision of the hiring rests with the pastor.

The officers of the St. Margaret-Mary School Advisory Board include the Chairperson, Vice-chairperson, and secretary.  Adjunct members include the Principal, a Parish Council Liaison and a Faculty Liaison.

The School Advisory Board may also utilize Standing Committees or subcommittees which consist of the School Advisory Board Members and serve to address outlined goals.

  • Finance Sub-Committee shall evaluate and prepare the school budget in conjunction with the principal.  It will also study sources of revenue for the operation of the school.
  • Marketing Sub-Committee shall work to promote the school and its programs.
  • Student Achievement Sub-Committee shall work to insure the academic progress of the students.
  • Buildings and Grounds Sub-Committee shall work to maintain and improve the physical plant and the surrounding grounds.