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Ministry Spotlight

Ministry Spotlight articles feature various ways to be involved at  STMMP, to serve, and to be served.

~Bereavement Ministry~

The Bereavement Ministry is focused on the immediate care of those who have experienced the loss of a loved one, as well as the ongoing accompaniment in their grief.

At. St. Margaret Mary Parish, the Bereavement Ministry provides support in several ways.

Funerals: One or more minister attends every funeral as a representative of the STMMP community.

Care Packets: Each family is provided a follow up care packet with resources they may find valuable in journeying through loss and grief.

Notes of Care & Hope: The Bereavement Ministry provides personalized cards of care and hope to the family in the year following the loss of a loved one.

Grief Support Group: This group is facilitated by the Bereavement Ministry, meets monthly, and is open to everyone. This group is especially helpful in connecting people who are experiencing similar losses and grief so that no one feels alone.

All Souls’ Masses: STMMP offers three Masses, annually, on All Souls’ day, providing all families to remember their loved ones in prayer, by name, as a part of the community celebration. The Bereavement Ministers provide the additional supports for these Masses.

Prayer Service of Remembrance & Dinner: New this year, the Bereavement Ministry is hosting a special prayer service and dinner for those who have celebrated a funeral at STMMP in the last year. This event will be an opportunity for remembrance, prayer, and community.

How to Be Involved

There are many ways to be involved in this ministry! There are behind-the-scenes needs of organization, administrative work, event planning, set-up, tear-down, and letter writing. There are active accompaniment roles in the support group and funerals. There are also roles of presence in the assisting with the All Souls’ Masses and Prayer Service.

With so many opportunities to participate, the need for ministers is great. This is an especially rewarding ministry for those who are served, as well as those who serve. Often, the ministers who are most equipped for this ministry are those who have experienced loss in their own lives. They are able to relate from a unique perspective, and often find accompanying others are part of their own healing. Anyone who feels called to this ministry is encouraged to join!

To be a part of the Bereavement Ministry or for additional information and/or questions contact Jacque Kelnhofer at or (414) 461-6073, ext. 107.


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