Preparing for the Unexpected – Funeral Pre-Planning

Ask yourself:  What if I would unexpectedly die tonight?

  • Does my family know what my wishes are?
  • Who does my family call?
  • Do I have a funeral home chosen?
  • Do I have a final resting place when I die?
  • Have I picked out readings, music, and who will be involved with the liturgy?
  • Am I a member of the church at wish I want to have my funeral?

Often times, not always, when information regarding end-of-life matters regarding church services are not preplanned, families end up having a simple service at the funeral home or cemetery. Is that what you want?

It is important that you have plans in place and it is best done when you are in good health.

Funeral pre-planning is a free service offered by the Parish.  Contact Jacque Kelnhofer, Pastoral Coordinator, to begin the process of documenting your wishes. The earlier in your life that you do this, the better.  You can always change these plans.

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